To talk about Nelson Marques and Andreia Torres is to talk about two international references in the world of wedding photography. And this is not only because they are masters of their trade. To talk about Nelson and Andreia means to talk about elegance, dynamism; to talk about two people passionate about their work and who constantly reinvent themselves; who get excited about every new shot, capturing with new eyes images that touch their souls.

Nelson and Andreia’s photographs transcend time and become short stories beyond the limits of paper; capturing and telling real stories, stories of emotions that come to life by evoking moments of passion, fun and romance.

Nelson and Andreia’s stories are narrated with the discretion of someone who wants to go unnoticed, the proximity of an intimate accomplice and with a style as unique as one’s DNA. Their closeness enables them to absorb the essence of a particular moment in time with a set of eyes that can then illuminate and reveal subtle emotions which could otherwise remain unveiled.

Their images are direct, expressive, close, elegant, emotive, clean, free from artifice, and perfect in technique – qualities which have fused into the stories they tell and ultimately have become their style. And that style has become a form of Art.

Text by Belén Caballero

  [About us]

We choose to see the world through photography, a form of art that lets us communicate through images. In every photograph we capture a message, a detail, a dream, a careful insight into feelings {and their sharing}. Every photograph is an endeavour to create work that is passionate, exclusive and artistic in eternalising unique love stories {yours}.

We wish to accompany you during this unique moment, which is your wedding – yet another step in your {love} story, capturing the affection and joy as you share it with your family and friends.

Nelson Marques, Andreia Torres

  [Poets speak through images]

Nelson Marques and Andreia Torres tell stories of people that fate puts on their path. Specialising in wedding and portrait photography, in their professional endeavours they have reached all corners of the world. Geneva, Lausanne, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Ibiza, Como, Milan, London, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Lisbon and Oporto are among the cities where they have made their mark and saw their work recognised.

In the last few years, thanks to their vast professional experience, they have been invited to speak at conferences/workshops on photography in various countries around the world, having conquered the international market.

[Artisans of photography]

Nelson Marques and Andreia Torres recover the essence and features of analogue photography, its perspective, colour and intrigue. In the abundant digital era, they develop their work with unique delicacy and refinement.

Their craftsmanship is in the artistic attention to detail, in the cut, the authenticity (with the aroma of nuances), the care given to the small things in big moments of a ceremony.

Nelson Marques and Andreia Torres are artisans of photography, in the purity and the intuition of a moment in time eternalised beyond {the flavour} of that moment.